Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Deathly Contagious

Yay!! It's published and for sale!

I decided to put it up 2 days early. The book has been done and ready for couple of weeks now and I just didn't want to wait any longer lol. It's on amazon and B&N. I'll post the print copy links as soon as I get those all set up!

Enjoy!!! :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I need to go to bed

I've been staying up late the last few nights trying to get as much done in Reaper as I can before summer school starts. (poo... :( I don't want to go) I'm the kind of person who loves sleep, and I function at my best when I've had at least seven hours of sleep. I only got five hours last night, so-for me at least- that's pushing it. But that's what coffee's for, right?

I think it's kinda funny b/c I can totally tell in my writing when I'm tired. I don't necessarily think the writing get bad, but I notice that I make a lot more typos when I'm tired. In the GL series, the leading guy is Ethan. For the last two paragraphs in Reaper, I called him Hayden. I couldn't help but laugh.

When I think about it, I realize that Ethan and Hayden are a lot a like. I guess that goes to show my preference in men lol. :) And it shows how tired I am. Since I still have a lot to do before bed and I have to get up in less than eight hours, I guess I'll retire for the night.

I'm hoping to dream about Ethan AND Hayden tonight!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Win a signed copy of Contagious!

I have a signed copy of Contagious to be given away! :) And I think I have something to admit...I was worried not too many people would want a books signed by me. I'm just some girl from a (somewhat) normal family that lives in a normal town who happened to write a book. I won't go all cheesy on you guys (again) but I want to make sure everyone knows how truly surprised/humbled/moved I am that other people like my work :)

Now to the good to win. I will let this contest run until Sunday, to make sure I give everyone enough time to participate. I've thought long and hard about having a contest that will also help promote the book. Hopefully this won't come across too shameless lol. I've seen this done for other books with good results!

First, 'like' the book's FB page if you haven't already (link). Change your profile pic to Contagious' cover and comment on the page's wall OR tag the page in a status. The winner will be randomly picked from the tagged statuses and comments. (I will keep a list of everyone who tags/comments to pick from.)

I'm hoping that this will create a little more awareness of the series! :) The winner will be picked Sunday evening, so check and see if it is you! I will need you to message me your address so I can send the book :)

Good luck and have fun!

Friday, May 18, 2012


It's no secret that I like getting reviews. Good reviews, meh reviews, even the negative ones count for something, right? I do not want anyone to review my books until they have read them so they can give their honest opinion. I get really excited when I see another review has been added to the grand total of reviews. I know I've mentioned before about reading reviews, but I feel I am able to read them objectively and honestly, I'm just curious as to what people think.

So, I only want real reviews on my books. It would be so disappointing to have fake ones. I'd feel let down, honestly. A friend recently read my book and told me something along the lines of saying that she honestly bought the book to be nice and started reading it just to see what it was about. Halfway through the book, she was hooked. When she finished it, she told me how much she enjoyed the book. To me, that is a HUGE compliment. And I really appreciated her honesty of admitting to initially getting the book just to be a nice friend and then being surprised when she loved the book. That, I feel, is a case where an author's friend can write a legit review and not be scrutinized for it lol. my point.

There are a TON of amazing Indie authors and fans of Indies out there. Many are willing to help each other out, like read and review each other's books. An author asked me if I'd be interested in doing a 'review swap' where we'd read each other's books and then review. I assumed when s/he contacted me that a 'review swap' meant actually reading the book and writing an honest review. I was nervous to agree b/c I didn't want to post a negative review in case I didn't like the book.

But the book sounded like something I'd read and enjoy so I reluctantly agreed. I asked said author if they would like a copy of my book emailed to them, they told me 'no, I write my review based off of the blurb and the cover art'.

Umm...hell no. I politely declined and said that I don't want a fake review of my book, even if it's a glowing, 5 starer. That's just wrong. It makes me mad that people do that. It gives Indie authors a bad name and can make people hold assumptions. And I guess I'm mad at myself for being naive enough to think that everyone else would play fair.

As far as I know, my books do not have any fake reviews. I have not asked anyone to make up a fake review (nor will I ever). It's a huge let down and an insult to give books fake 4 or 5 star ratings when there are other authors out there (like myself) who patiently wait for the real deal.

Marketing is tough as an Indie. I really have no means to mass market other than FB. Maybe my desire to not 'fake it and make it' will hold me back, but I'd rather be honest. And maybe it's super lame that when I lay down at night, I don't want to have anything to regret or feel guilty about. And the best way to avoid that? Don't do anything wrong or dishonest!

Ok...stepping off my soapbox to go to bed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Want to read DC before June?

In case you didn't know, I love giving away free stuff :) If I could, I would buy ridiculous amounts of zombie stuff to give away. Having contests is fun and I like doing little things that can brighten someone's day. I would also love to give out a free copy of Deathly Contagious (or any of my books for that matter) to anyone who wants one. But then I'd never make any money and I wouldn't be able to get anything for giveaways lol.

When I said I would give out some copies of ARCs of DC, I was shocked at how many people volunteered to be ARC readers in exchange for reviews. I know I say it all the time, but it really is amazing to me (still) that people enjoy my work. It never fails to make me smile :) I am so humbled and so very, very grateful for my fans! Without them, The Contaguim Trilogy would not be what it is today. Thanks guys!!! :)

Anyway, since I hate having to single people out and choose, I will be giving away 5 ARC copies of DC tomorrow with the understanding that these 5 copies will be read and reviewed before or on June 1st (DC's release date). I will use to pick the winners. 

I have Epub for Nook, Mobi for Kindle and PDF files those who don't have an e-reader, so these ARCs aren't limited to just the e-reader owners. 

How to enter? Go to The Contagium Tril's FB page (click here) and 'like' the status that I will be posting. I'll get the winning numbers tomorrow evening! :) Good luck!

(If you're not into writing reviews but still want to win a free copy, I will do more giveaways closer to DC's release date. In case I didn't mention it before, I'm trying to get reviews b/c it helps book sales. I don't know why, but it seems to help!)

**Please, post your honest thoughts on DC. Thanks!**

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cover Reveal


Unbound's new cover! :) I really like it! What I like is the way it captures Anora just like how I imagined her! I really don't have much else to say about it lol. I'll post the cover for Reaper, book 2 in the GL series soon!

What do you think? Like it? Wish something could be changed? I love hearing feedback :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

DC Update

I've been working hard on edits. Ugh. I hate editing! It's not much fun...I'd rather write book #3 :) Anyway, I was able to cut out about 2,000 words-not as many as I'd hoped I could cut out. It's hard for me to take stuff out because (of course) I think everything I write is important lol. There is a lot of action in this book but there is a lot of conversation and downtime as well.

Anyway, I would love to give out ARC copies for review. Comment below if you are interested! The deal is that you have to get the book read by June (DC will be available June 1st) and post a review on either B&N, or (and preferably) I don't really understand why, but the more reviews the more some people are willing to buy your book.

Personally, unless a book has numerous scathing reviews, what other people thought about it doesn't impact my decision to buy and read it or not. I could go off on a whole other post (again) about what I think about that. But I won't. ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Advice for new authors

I've done several interviews for blogs and one question always asked is some like 'if you could give one piece of advice to new authors, what would it be?' My usual answer is to not give up and follow through with writing b/c I think many people get easily discouraged.

While I agree with that to be very true, I feel it is kind of vague. I've been thinking about this lately (don't ask me why lol) and I came up with some more concrete advice. I feel like I should put in a disclaimer here that reminds you I'm still a new author and that this is all coming from my own personal opinion.

My advice is about reviews. First I'd like to remind you of what a review is.  A review is written by the customer (for a book, it is your reader). The point of a customer review is to give the customer a place to voice what they thought of the product. In this case the product is your book. The point of all that is to let other customers read those reviews and hopefully be helpful.

When I am ordering clothes or shoes offline, I find it very helpful when other customers note that the shoes run a size small or the clothing runs large. Stuff like help influences what size I'm going to order. I also find it helpful when people list what they did and didn't like about a product. Personally, the 'I didn't like it' reviews are not helpful to me.

But, back to your books and its reviews. You will get good reviews and you will get bad reviews. I have seen many people say that books with only 4 and 5 star reviews look fishy and I totally agree. There is not one single product/book/invention/food/whatever that will please everyone! Remember that!!! You cannot please everyone in life. You could write an award winning book that is on the NY Times bestseller list for weeks and you will still have people who do not like it. Take Twilight for example. Super popular, super well-liked but some. Absolutely hated by others. Why? Because people have different opinions. So, when you get your bad reviews (b/c it is bound to happen) be happy you got another review under your belt and move on.

Now, what really irks me (and my main piece of advice) is authors who respond to these bad reviews (mostly on amazon). Again, IMHO, it is in very bad taste to try and argue via an amazon page on why the person who gave you a one star rating is wrong.

Opinions are subjective and cannot deemed wrong. I think donuts are gross. Thousands disagree with me. Does that make my opinion of donuts wrong? No. It just makes it mine. So someone leaves a review saying that they didn't like your book b/c your characters were boring/dull/flat/unlikeable/mean/stupid/whatever. And let's say 90% of the other reviewers stated how much they loved your characters. Does that make the person leaving a bad review wrong?

Not at all. It means they interpreted the story differently. That is one of the best things about books! Every reader can interpret it how they want. Characters can remind you of people from your life (which, in turn can reflect on the overall enjoy-ability of the book. And yes I just made up that word ;) ) You can put yourself in the main characters shoes and imagine their world to look like yours or look like something entirely different.

Maybe this is super lame of me, but I don't even like saying 'bad review'. I'd rather call it negative b/c to me, no review can be entirely bad. On amazon, for example, the more reviews you have-regardless if they are 1 star or 5 star- the more 'important' amazon sees your book. Supposedly, once you hit 50 reviews your book gets some free advertising from amazon. I've only heard that from other authors so I don't know if it's true or not...I hope it is! (48 reviews for Contagious so far! Woo-hoo!)

Anyway, do not respond to the negative review! If you want to read it, fine, but take it with a grain of salt and remember it is just one person's opinion. It is not the be all end all to your writing career. And, please remember, that the reviews are not meant for the author. They are not suppose to be tidbits of advice. They are written for the customer, whose decision to read or not read the book might be influenced by what others thought.

I feel like this post is all over the place. It was something that was kind of bothering me and I do think it will be helpful. So, in conclusion...

  • You will get a bad review. Deal with it and move on. If you don't want to be criticized, do not offer something to the public.
  • Reviews are for other readers, not for the author. If you want constructive criticism, find some beta readers or, better yet, hire an editor.  
  • Do not under any circumstances reply to a negative review! It is so unprofessional!! And, you are arguing with a complete stranger on the internet...don't waste your time. Go write your second book instead!
  • Be grateful you got a review. The more reviews you have, the more 'legit' your book looks.
  • If you're going to get upset over negative reviews DO NOT read the reviews. Pretty simple, right? (Oh, but it's sooo tempting! lol)
I hope that doesn't sound too mean. Just remember that there are people out there who think it is their duty to 'warn the public' about something they didn't like. Seriously just move on. Read the good reviews you've gotten if it bothers you that much. Yes, I completely understand the time, devotion, and emotion put into writing a book and no one likes their work insulted. 

Be prepared for it to happen, b/c it will. 

Enjoy writing, write from your heart, and write what you want to write. For every person who didn't like your book, there is one (or more!) person who did like it. You live and learn and improve and grow every day. Do not let the negativity get you down! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My animals

I was bored the other day so I made a collage of all my animals. :) One of them isn't really mine...can you guess which one? It is my dream to own one of these guys some day!

YA-aholic's review of Beyond the Sea

If you guys haven't checked on Haley's blog, YA-Aholic, I suggest you do! She is an awesome reviewer and on overall super nice person! I am so happy that she agreed to do a review of Beyond the Sea for me. 

Here is the link, in case you want to check it out. And if you don't follow Haley's blog already, you should! Along with reviews, she posts cover reveals and does a lot of cool giveaways!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beta Reader Update

I am absolutely blown away by the number of people who have emailed me about wanting to be a beta reader. It is such a compliment that you guys like my work :) I want you all to know how grateful I am!! But, unfortunately, I cannot give beta copies to everyone. So, I will randomly select a few people for the 'first round' of betas and then randomly select more to go over the changed/improved product.

And remember: I still need ARC reviewers of the finished product!

Thank you so much for your support. I know you can't tell my tone from my typed words but I am really grateful and ecstatic about this. This is really becoming a dream come true!!! :D

(If you're still interested but haven't emailed me's not too late. I won't pick the 2nd set of betas until I get the changes done from the 1st round)

***I really want to emphasize how random the random selection is: I'm making my husband pick the names. I HATE having to single people out even when it's a good thing. I feel bad that I cannot send a free copy to everyone lol***

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DC Beta Readers!

Finally, it's time! :) I've gone through and done my own edits; the grammar police are still reviewing the MS. So, like I said in my previous post, I would like several people to be 'content' beta readers who will look for any holes, point out anything they think is stupid/lame/boring, and give their general opinion of the book.

Rules for being a beta reader:
~You read the first book; there is no way you can understand what is going on in DC or know the characters if you haven't read Contagious.
~You agree to treat me and the MS with respect-no sending it out to friends and no spoilers.
~You are able to commit the time to pick it apart. If you want a copy before it's released but don't have the time to put to being a beta, don't worry. I want several people to review ARC's.
~You can get through it in a timely manor. I want to hear everyone's opinion, but if I'm waiting forever it will delay the release of the book. I'm still hoping to have this pretty  much done by the beginning of June.

If you want to be a beta reader, email me at and write 'DC beta reader' in the subject line.

*Also, this book (like the first) is very graphic and violent. I will say that there are more 'adult only' scenes, if you know what I mean. Some sensitive subjects are brought up and there is a lot of mature content.*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's in a name?

Many of my characters were named very carefully. A lot of characters are named after people (friends and family members, for example, who want to 'be in' my stories). Other names are given after much research and are based more on the meaning of the name, rather than the name itself. I though you might find it interesting to see the 'secret' meanings of some of the names.

In the Contagium Trilogy:
*There are siblings Jason and Sonja. Both names use the same letters. 
*Heart of gold Dr. Padraic's name fittingly means 'noble'. 
*Zoe means 'life'
*Raeya (actually spelled Raya) means 'friend'
* Dr. Cara is named after a friend
*I named Hayden Hayden because I wanted something sorta 'modern' and different.  His middle name-James-is named after my dear friend Megan's son.
*There are characters named after my sisters and my niece as well
*Orissa's middle name is my BFF's middle name

In Beyond the Sea
*Peter means rock or stone (sinks in is mentioned in the book and makes sense)
*Melia, Nyneve, and Nerina are names from mythology
*Ever single water 'creature' in this book name has a meaning. It will be a post of its own to write them all...I might do that another time.

In The Guardian Legacies
*Anora means light
*Ethan means strong
*Laney is named after a friend
*Estelle means star
*Rene is named after a friend

That is a very short list of the important character names. I pay more attention to the meaning of names in my fantasy books, I'm not sure why but I do lol. You might be able to figure out a bit about a new character just by researching their name. :)