Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vlog #2 here is my second vlog. I think I look pretty spazzy in this one. I didn't realize how much I mess with my hair and move around! Don't be afraid to post any comments/questions that you want discussed!! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Book 3 Title Contest

You guys came up with some really good names for book three! I had a hard time picking only 10! Don't forget to cast your vote (voting is open until Valentines' Day) by clicking an option from this poll --->
And just a reminder, the winner get a signed print book before book 3 is released, some signed swag items like bookmarks (and probably more!) and a free ecopy of their choice as well as being mentioned and thanked in the book's acknowledgements.

I've been working hard on book 3 and have reaching the middle point, where the action really picks up. I think you guys will love it! I will tell you that not much of the book takes place at the compound this time around. The crew has to spend a little bit of time there since one of the main characters gets critically injured (or fatally...) but then they head out and run into trouble nobody saw coming!

Happy voting! :)