Thursday, May 15, 2014

Long overdue updates

Around one AM last night, I finally finished the final edits for my newest novel and sent it to the editor for formatting.

Yes, finally. This book has taken a very long time to write, way more than it normally takes me to write a book. It was the first book I started writing after having a baby. That alone made it hard to write. If you have kids, then you know what I'm talking about for sure!

I had to stop writing STAY to write a contracted book. Once that was done, I could resume working on STAY. So it's been a back and forth process that feels like it's taking for freaking ever.

STAY is very different than anything else I've ever written.  It's a contemporary novel, with NO paranormal/fantasy elements at all. Branching out of my normal genre was both scary and exciting. I've always admired writers who have the ability and talent to write in multiples genres. It definitely requires a big mental switch. Going back and forth writing Addie from STAY and Orissa from the Contagium Series was a challenge since the girls are polar opposites.

Since this is my first contemporary novel, I am nervous to how it will be perceived by my readers (both new and old). So far, I've gotten really good feedback from my beta readers, which is very encouraging!

Moving on…I am done writing all of the Contagium books. I haven't finished editing the series yet, so I'm not suffering completely from end-of-the-series blues just yet. I do plan on writing a Hayden Underwood novel too, starting with him landing in the States from overseas and ending when he meets Orissa. It would show how he got to the compound and met up with the guys plus missions and that sort of thing that I love so much about this series.

I'm revamping all of my old self published books. I've learned SO MUCH since I published them and realized that I did a ton of things wrong. It's taking time to fix everything, but in the end the books will all be so much better. Don't worry…plots aren't changing but the books will be re-edited and tightened up.

So far the tentative line up for release/re-releases is:

May (21st)- STAY
June - Re-release of Beyond the Sea
July-Contagious (Permuted Press)
August- Deathly Contagious (Permuted Press) and re-release of Unbound
September- Contagious Chaos (Permuted Press) and re-release of Reaper
October- The Truth is Contagious (Permuted Press)

and I'm hoping to have Moonlight (#3 in the Guardian Legacies series) done sometime around November. I will set a more specific date closer to the time.

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